Welcome to the resource, a website dedicated to the Truth as preached by William Branham the Prophet of the Living God.

In this website we address serious issues that are deadly and provide help how to get out of the grip of Satan. Satan is not out there. Satan just like in the Garden of Eden is within the Message of God at the End Time. Satan attacked and dis-empowered Eve in the Garden of God – the Garden of Eden. Satan in the Garden of Eden actually agreed with the Message of that time but added on it – that ye shall surely not die. He agreed but analysed the Message to Eve based on his understanding. Are we not seeing the same thing operating on a landslide scale in the Message given to us by God through his Prophet? The whole message church systems is a deadly poison. It is poison because to add and take on the Word of God is Hell fire on you.

And my dear brother or sister tell me honestly who in these message churches, the pastors, the general preacher, the teachers, the brother’s fellowships and meetings where discussion are made – who amongst these message churches across everywhere, tell me where there are not adding and taking from the prophet of the Living God and analyzing the True Word of God based on their own understanding? Read through these articles with an open heart, just an open heart unhindered by the preaching of pastors.

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